Clearview Cottages is open for business!

COVID-19 Protocols

  1. Contactless Check-In: Check-In time is 3pm (please do not come before 3pm as we need all the time available to properly sanitize the cottages before your use). No one will be allowed early check-in or access to the property. Upon your arrival at 3pm or later, we will be taking temperatures of all persons staying on the property with an infrared thermometer. Your cottage keys will be hanging up in your cottage. We are accepting e-transfer, Visa or MasterCard payments. Please make your e-transfer payment before 3pm on the Saturday check-in date. For credit card payments please mail or call us with your credit card details before 3pm on the Friday before your check-in date.
  2. All persons will be required to follow social distancing rules of maintaining 2 meters or 6 feet separation from other persons outside of your household. Facemasks (please bring your own) are required if the distancing is not possible.
  3. All persons entering the property will agree to having their temperature taken by an infrared thermometer. Anyone who has a temperature in the “Red” zone will not be permitted to stay on the property.
  4. Chairs and Loungers: Each cottage will be assigned 4 deck chairs and 2 loungers. Please make sure to maintain 6’ distancing from other guests not staying in your cottage.
  5. Life Jackets: Please bring your own life jackets if possible. We will supply life jackets if needed, they will be sanitized when you are issued them only. Sanitization maintenance will be the guest’s responsibility for the week.
  6. The “Revamped” Games Room: The games room will be made available but with a limit of 6 persons at one time and a 60-minute time limit if someone is waiting. There will be sanitizers available in the games room (please use hand sanitizer when entering and leaving the games room). We now have a Wii system along with the pool table and foosball table. Please make sure to wipe down the remotes, pool cues and foosball handles before and after use. Ping pong will be located outdoors. Please wipe down the paddles before and after each use.
  7. Board games and books will not be available due to sanitizing issues. Please bring your own if you like.

“What to Bring” Suggestions

  • Facemasks, hand sanitizer, wipes or other PPE
  • Personal life jackets if desired
  • Board games, books or magazines
  • Towels, paper towels and 1-ply toilet paper
  • Soap and hand soap
  • Bug spray
  • Personal linens if desired