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Clearview Cottages

Clearview Cottages

Fog over the lake at Clearview Cottages

Clearview Cottages is a year-round housekeeping cottage resort located on pristine Clear Lake in the Almaguin Highlands. Enjoy your own private and fully equipped cottage on our intimate grounds. Your truly Canadian cottage experience will provide you with the perfect setting to rejuvenate your soul.

We are within driving distance to both Arrowhead and Algonquin Provincial Parks and the Town of Huntsville.

There are lots of things to do both at our resort or within close proximity. Ask us for information on how to make your stay a memorable one!

Clearview Cottages Summer Fun at Clearview Cottages

Conquering the Moonwalk!

The moonwalk was a busy place as many people attempted to cross it from the trampoline to the iceberg this past summer of 2015. Seventy courageous people were successful in crossing it! The youngest challengers to conquer it were two six year olds- one boy and one girl! A four year old boy gets a special honour as he crossed over the moonwalk on his hands and knees. The oldest person to successfully get across the moonwalk was 58 years old!

There were somersaults and backwards walking…there were different methods of getting across, both fast and slow. Lots of fun to watch both the successes and epic failures!

What will 2016 bring? More challenges!

Name that Cottage!

Throughout the summer, the challenge of naming the cottages kept everyone guessing. Families worked together to find the perfect names. Everyone had lots of fun coming up with creative ideas. We want to thank everyone for their creative entries and the fun that was put into the responses. It was a difficult decision to decide which theme to go with as there were some amazing entries. Several people suggested naming the cottages after the Group of Seven after enjoying learning about them in our art classes this past summer. Other names were fun and concentrated on our various animal friends we have here. Certain names were so sweet and made the decision difficult. Some awesome entries included ‘Loon’s Lullaby’, ‘Dragonfly Den’ and ‘Chipmunk Hollow’.

The final decision has been made. Our cottages have officially been renamed. We have selected the theme of naming the cottages after a selection of paintings by the Group of Seven. We want to congratulate Jaymes, Mitch and Sarah Galbraith for their thoughtful entry as it was their entry which inspired us for the cottage names.

The new cottage names are:

  1. 1. Summer Hillside (by A. J. Casson)
  2. 2. The Red Maple (by A. Y. Jackson)
  3. 3. Northern Lights (by Tom Thomson)
  4. 4. The Canoe (by Tom Thomson)
  5. 5. Silver Birches (by Tom Thomson)
  6. 6. Midnight Sun (by Frederick Varley)
The Games Room is called Moose Pond (by Frank Johnston)

The Main House is called Little Island (by A. J. Casson)

The Garage is called Eagle’s Nest (by A. J. Casson)

Clearview Cottages Clearview Cottages

Summer Fun at Clearview Cottages Sunset at Clearview Cottages

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